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The great photo-editing bonanza continues.  This time a couple of outings over Christmas.  Firstly to Onepoto Reserve, a park we’ve mentioned before that has an excellent cycle track all laid out like a mini road system.  the second location is North Head down at Devonport.  A lovely place for a family walk, hills, tunnels, views, guns and history.

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Time for some photos!  Where the North Shore ends there is a natural hill called North Head.  During the war it was a gun emplacement and the historic tunnels and some of the guns are still there.  It’s all open to the public and a great place to go on a sunny spring day.  On this particular spring day Josie and her running buddy had run from Torbay all the way down to North Head.  They’d stretched it out to a 21km run to prepare for the Auckland half-marathon some weeks later.

We timed the arrival of the rest of the family and some other friends to the end of their run and all had a picnic up on the side of the hill, looking out over Cheltenham beach.

The kids had such a fun time, firstly rolling and sliding down the steep grass banks and then investigating tunnels and caves, spotting submarines and firing imaginary guns at boats that weren’t there to win a war I hope they’ll never have to understand the reality of.

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