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It’s been over a month since my last post.  That is truly dreadful, I feel quite ashamed.

A couple of weekends ago it was New Zealand Father’s Day.  It’s a different date to the UK version.  Josie got the kids all excited and whipped up into a frenzy… a week early.  She tried to tell Emily she’d made a mistake, but it didn’t stop Em bursting in on Sunday morning around 7am, shouting “Happy Father’s Day Daddy!”

A week later on the correct weekend I was truly shown a magnificent day of appreciation.  It started earaly in the morning with a written note.  The note had a big ‘L’ drawn on it and the words “lovely presents from Lucy’.  I got some fantastic choccies and biscuity stuff that Lucy had made at day care and then I got another note with an ‘E’ on it.  “Lovely presents from Emily” followed.

Very excitingly I got a Sushezi Sushi making device.  It’s an amazing thing.  It resembles an artifical insemination device you might find on a farm.  Thankfully the stuff that comes out of it is much more tasty… You boil and season your rice as normal and then load up the tube like device with 1/2 a cup or so.  You can then use part of it to make a channel in your rice and load up some filling.  As the tube is kind of split in half lengthways the final stage is to press the two halves together and then turn the screw thread plunger to compress the sushi to just the right consistency.  Once done, you can just push a perfectly formed sushi ‘sausage’ out onto some seaweed and roll it up.  Hey presto – perfect sushi.

Anyway, back to father’s day.  More notes and getting dressed, we headed out to a cafe for some yummy food.  The girls took the opportunity to make the most of the skatepark thanks to the early morning and slightly overcast weather.  Some kind soul from the previous day had smashed a bottle on the park and that was going to be really bad for any of the kids that would descend later in the day.  Looking around I spied the most likely source of a broom – The Salvation Army!  A very nice porter leant me a truly huge holy broom with which I smited the glass bottle right off the park.

The day progressed and we headed into town to visit our newly opened art gallery.  It is truly fantastic – they have done an amazing job of renovating the old part of the building and adding a lovely new part.  We stayd for ages and grabbed some nice food hall lunch before heading off.

After briefly pausing to watch some boys doing Parkour (and the girls having to have a go of course) we decided to make the final call of the day to the Wynyard Quarter.  This is an area of waterfront in Auckland that has sat undeveloped and somewhat derelict for years.  In time for the Rugby World Cup they have done an amzing job of renovating it and putting in public areas for play, rest, eating and drinking, contemplation and mediation.  Art works and sculptures sit alongside huge benches on wheels that make use of the dock areas old rails.  Really thoughtful.

I have to say it was the most lovely day of feeling loved by my girls. 🙂

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