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Well, that was an even LONGER gap between posts.  I offer no excuse.  It has been rather busy round here lately though.

We’ve had an entire Rugby World Cup since I last posted.  The whole event has been fantastic.  Right from the unbelievably over-successful build up to the opening ceremony to the last point of the last game where New Zealand won as the All Blacks beat Les Bleus by a single point.  Although you could argue that All Blacks didn’t deserver the game, the French truly did not deserve the cup.  Their campaign was lacklustre, sporadic and inconsistent.  The All Blacks on the other hand played solid rugby in every match and their performance was nothing short of inspiring.

Josie and I decided to be part of the action live and treated ourselves to quarter final tickets and watched the All Blacks play Argentina at Eden Park.  The game was brilliant to watch although a little odd as well.  For starters there was no commentary!  Maybe obvious, but without camera closeups and replays and experts nudging along your understanding you have to just figure it all out for yourself.

To get to the match we walked the ‘Fan Trail’.  This was an ‘Only in New Zealand’ scheme where a route was marked out from the waterfront of Auckland all the way up the main street and then the full 4.5km to the stadium.  They dotted the route with entertainment and some art exhibitions, sausage sizzles, face painting, free stuff etc.  It took an hour and a bit to walk the route and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Well it’s all over now and the country has the outcome it wanted.  Emily idolises Richie Mccaw the captain and was utterly thrilled to catch a glimpse of him at the utterly packed victory parade on Monday.

She has several big broadsheet double page posters up on her wall of the team in various poses.  Both she and Lucy absolutely love the Haka of course.  Lucy does a hilarious rendition herself which I haven;t managed to catch on video yet.  She does the first bit ok (Ka Mate, Ka mate, Ka ora, Ka ora) then drops into a kind of speaking in tongues three year old mimicry of a language she can’t speak and finishes with a big ‘He!’ and jumps in the air.  It’s quite delightful to watch.

So I’m a little wiser in the ways of rugby (partly through watching and partly from the book I got when I left Asda).  I’ve been to my first live rugby game.

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