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Wow!  You can’t beat a good ROADTRIP!

I’m going to split the trip up into multiple posts and of course there will be photos and video to follow.

Today, a rough idea of the shape of the trip.

Our window was from Wednesday 29th through to Monday 5th March.  Five nights of camping (for us) and campervanning for Rob and Natalie.  This would be the last hurrah for them before drawing their mammoth world tour to a close and heading back to the UK on the 7th March.

We’ve been as far North as the Bay of Islands before but no further, so decided to explore some of the beautiful scenery in the north of the North Island.

Our trip was loosely planned out to head up to the west coast north of the Kaipara Harbour to Baylys Beach.  Just outside the dubious sounding ‘Dargaville’ (which actually doesn’t look that bad from appearances), we were interested in the surf beach and the publicly accessible observatory there.  After that we planned to head up the west coast to the Hokianga Car Ferry, taking in giant Kauri trees on the way.

After crossing the Hokianga harbour on the ferry, we would stay somewhere overnight before heading up to Cape Reinga, the most easily accessible point furthest North.  Spiritually significant to Maori and practically significant to mariners (for its lighthouse).

Then we would head back down the East Coast via the Bay of Islands (and the Waitangi Treaty House and Grounds) and spend some time on the beach, relaxing and hopefully surfing.  Finally, home on Monday sometime.

According to Google Maps the journey is around 1000km and if you drove it flat out without stopping would take 13 hours of driving.  I think that is insanely optimistic and it would be much longer based on the wiggly roads, roadworks and unsealed bits of road we encountered.  Not to mention the loo stops, the ice cream stops, the tree stops, the ferry stops etc.

I think we probably spent about 20 to 25 hours in the car over the six days we were away.  So between the travelling and sleeping under canvas, we were all delighted to see our own beds when we got back.

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