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Close up…

A friend lent me some macro extender tubes the other day.  I’ve not done any macro photography before so I set out on Saturday to try out this borrowed equipment.  One thing I do know is that you should always use a tripod, so into the bush walk at Okura we went, camera on tripod, over my shoulder.

I discovered it’s immensely difficult to get the camera in the right position.  The first four of these shots are with macro and the other three just a standard 50mm prime.

IMG_5116 IMG_5118 IMG_5125 IMG_5126 IMG_5130 IMG_5131 IMG_5132

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Okura Bush Walk

There is a popular walking track near us called Okura Estuary Scenic Reserve.  It’s a long track that winds through thick bush and rises and falls up and down slopes and steps.  There are lots of ferns, and thick canopies of foliage including Kauri trees.  These used to cover the country but were largely cut down, to the extent that they are protected now.  Kauri can be damaged by introduction of micro-organisms into their root system from contaminated footwear, so everyone who enters the reserve is asked to spray their feet with a disinfectant.

It’s a popular destination for families, walkers and runners.  The purpose of going was so that Josie could run to the end and turn around then meet us as far as we could get to.  The girls did fantastically with their walking – it’s not an easy 2km at all and then we had to turn around and head back.  More and more I think about what memories we give the girls.  I think back to walks in the woods when I was little and although it was a different ecology I know we’re giving the kids similar memories that they will hold with them into their adulthood.

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