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Halloween Humbug

I’ve never liked Halloween.  Not quite sure why… it’s just never been a thing I’ve enjoyed.

I do have vivid memories of children visiting the house on Halloween and giving the house a coating of eggs or flour if they didn’t get the sweets they demanded.  I know eggs are not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s not a nice memory.

I don’t mind the costumes (although vampires and vampire lore and vampire TV shows make me want to gouge my own eyes out, but that’s a whole different rant!).  I quite like the very clever pumpkin carving like this fantastic carved self-portrait

from my friend Matt (the history books say it was traditional to carve a turnip in Scotland)

The thing I just can’t seem to let go of is the feeling that the modern day basis for Halloween is about Trick or Treating which is about getting stuff for free.  And that for me just feels like begging.  Historically that’s what it was, with the poor going from door to door trying to get scraps to stay alive.

The other thing I just can’t get away from is that to threaten people with some kind of undesired consequence if they don’t provide you with what you demand is basically extortion.  How is that a good thing to teach your children?  That’s not the way I want the world to work…

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