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Santa Parade

We’ve decided that Santa Parade is one of our most favourite things to do here.  For the uninitiated, Farmers is a big department store here and every year they sponsor a huge parade of floats and marching and giant inflatables through the middle of Auckland.  Families line the route, the sensible ones (including us this year, haha ) have their own camping chairs.

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Some people are just never satisfied are they?  Having decided that I wasn’t going to enter the Harbour Crossing this year, I caved in to text message pressure from the organisers to take part just five days before the event.  I was not sure I was fit enough and I didn’t want to enter unless I could better last year’s time.

In the 7 days before the event I’d done two open water swims.  A training run on the previous Sunday morning, covering about 1.6 to 1.7km and an event on Tuesday night covering 1.5km.  Sunday had gone well until I suffered from bad cramp and had to make for shore earlier than planned.  Tuesday I was really pleased with – a time of 26 minutes for the 1.5km.  They did warn us on the night that the course was a little short, but even so I was pleased with that.

So I get a text message wishing me luck (if I’d entered) and letting me know there were still places (if I hadn’t) and mentioning that it was a really good weather forecast.  So I caved in and decided I’d feel really let out if I didn’t at least try.

Yesterday it looked like the forecast was just plain wrong.  By the middle of the afternoon it was overcast and starting to rain.  Not what I’d ordered…  I picked up my race pack from a very congested Copthorne Hotel in Auckland.  It was looking like I was in for a long wait, but was very lucky because the line for my bib number (silly name really because you don’t wear a bib…) was almost empty.  So I skipped past the queues and after grabbing my pack, picked up a new pair of goggles at the SwimT3 stand. I love these guys.  I bought my wetsuit from them two years ago and they took such care helping fit it and get me setup for my ocean swimming in New Zealand.  And do they take advantage of being at the race pack pick-up by edging prices up a little?  No, in fact they applied a 10% discount across everything instead…

So what about the race?  Well the weather cleared and the morning was glorious.  I was sat on the deck at 7am eating porridge listening to the birds in the trees that were feeling not a breath of wind on their leaves.  I could picture the harbour – in it’s gentle, mill-pond like state, beckoning 1300 eager swimmers into it. 

After being dropped off it was clear that it was going to be a nice day, although the water conditions turned out to be not quite so mill-pond like.  As with last year the start is done in waves based on estimated time.  I was in the fourth wave this year, hoping to improve on last year’s time.  Only a minute apart I was soon following the rest of the pack around Bayswater Marina and out into the harbour.  It was all feeling good.  I was very pleased with my stroke and felt like I was making good progress.

I had real trouble sighting the first buoy so I just headed towards the pack ahead and kept going in roughly the right direction.  I got course corrected by a lifeguard after 15 minutes or so because I was drifting to far towards the bridge and away from the set course.  I picked a new landmark and pressed on.

It’s amazing how for the majority of the race there is no-one around you.  In a pack of 1300 people you’d think it would be all thrashing arms and legs.  Far from it, for the majority of the crossing I was on my own (maybe something to do with my erratic navigation).  I felt like I was doing really well as I approached the last buoy in the the open water, I’d even started to pick up some other swimmers.

It was somewhere around this point – about 30 minutes from finishing maybe – that someone swam over me.  Not a big deal, they just clipped my legs and it happens.  However, I tensed up and my reaction caused both my thighs to cramp up horribly.   I took a few minutes to slow down and do some different kicking to swim through it and cleared the cramp.  But now I had a problem.  The other muscles in my legs decided to join the party.  So if I tried to put on any power through my arms, I’d have to kick to stabilise with my legs and one after another my calf would go, then I’d clear it, then an ankle, then the other calf.  For the remainder of the swim I was concentrating purely on kicking out whatever cramp had just hit.  I’m pretty sure it crucified my pace for that last section and as I approached the steps I was actually a little worried that I might not be able to stand as I left the water.

The last section of the race is through the newly refurbished part of the the viaduct harbour and it makes a great end to the race.  You swim under the new opening bridge and round to some new steps that lead down from the refurbished Wynyard quarter area and make a great place to finish and to spectate.

I didn’t even see the clock because my legs were so sore as I managed to stand and hobble over the finish line.

In the end I did finish ahead of last years time.  Only by a minute or so by the clock time, but last year’s course was shorter.  So if you adjust the time to make it a fair comparison my time this year of 1:27:56 was about four minutes faster than last year’s adjusted 1:31:42.

So I’m delighted I went for it.  I’m delighted I beat last year’s time.  I would have preferred to hit somewhere around the 1:10:00 mark and who knows, without the navigation and cramp blunders I would have been nearer to it.  But they are all part of the event.  So for another year that’s the harbour crossed.  Whenever I look out at the stretch of water between Bayswater marina and the viaduct harbour I feel very very satisfied.

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