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Auckland is changing.  There are so many projects on the go at the moment.  Many were in the lead up to the rugby world cup, but that’s all done now, so it will be interesting to see if the rate of change slows significantly.

One project that has nothing to do with the world cup is the change to Aucklands motorway in the Victoria Park area.

The Victoria Tunnel Project re-routes around 450m of motorway through a new northbound tunnel in order to allow traffic in the opposite direction to use all four lanes of the fly-over (currently two north and two south).

Admittedly it’s not quite as impressive a construction project as other tunnels, for instance the The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland at 57km long, but when the opportunity arose to walk through it on the open day we had to take it!  We’ve been regularly driving past the works for more than a year and there was mostly very little to see.  Occasionally you would get a glimpse of the uncovered trench of the cut and cover tunnel, but mostly it was largely hidden from view.

I really hope they have the traffic modelling correct because if they haven’t it’s going to be a very big expensive way of moving a bottleneck 450m further south!

I’ve included a few photos of the family and some civil engineering ‘porn’ for other tunnel fans!

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