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We’ve had the apple peeler/corer/slicer for a while. A bit of a fun toy which has the added benefit that suddenly the kids want to triple their fruit intake.

So faced with a few spuds to peel I decided to remove the slicing part and just use the machine to peel the spuds.

Having shared that on Facebook, a friend suggested removing the handle and attaching a drill instead. This was the first attempt at using the drill, running at the lower of two speed settings that my drill has. The girls wanted apples for pudding, so I’ve reattached the slicing/coring part.

This was the funniest thing the girls had ever seen apparently. I was fairly entertained as well. But I felt that there was more to gain. So we loaded up another apple, switched the drill up to high speed and well… See for yourself!

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Last Sunday was New Zealand’s Mothers Day.  Rather than do something a bit crazy like StartUp Weekend (which was on last weekend and was what we did this time last year) we opted instead for a quiet family weekend.

We decided to avoid the inevitably over-crowded cafes and restaurants and take a picnic out to a quiet spot on the cliff, looking out over the sea.  It was idyllic.  We ate lovely nibbles with crackers and the kids spent ages just playing in the trees and fields.  I do wonder if Lucy was some kind of hunter in a former life…

IMG_2359 IMG_2363 IMG_2364 IMG_2367 IMG_2378 IMG_2380 IMG_2386 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2400 IMG_2411 IMG_2415 IMG_2431 IMG_2432 IMG_2435 IMG_2440

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Emily has really developed a talent for the monkey bars.  She really used to struggle with the coordination and strength required, but now she goes at them hard enough to give herself blisters.

Monkey Girls: http://youtu.be/n6bVClK68rk

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