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After the waiting…



It seems so long since that exciting Skype call when Mum and Dad told us they had booked tickets to fly over.  After a truly epic personal effort they have conquered fears, tackled challenges and ultimately travelled for three days to come and spend six weeks with us!

We are so excited about showing them all the places we love and all the things the girls find exciting and all the things that Josie and I really enjoy seeing and doing.

They have done an amazing job of tackling the jet lag.  We let them have a couple of days to adjust then spent Sunday route marching them around Devonport!  It was sort of unintentional, we intended to pop out for a few hours but then it sort of turned into a bit longer.  Thankfully we didn’t try and cram in North Head as well…

It was a lovely day and we wandered along the beachfront to the Naval museum for some morning tea.  Then Lucy of all people insisted on going into the ‘passage’ (the museum).  It’s a lovely little place, just the right size for small kids.  There is a dressing up room made up like  bunk room with lots of sailors clothes to try on.  Obviously we’re not going to pass up the chance to dress up!

After that we introduced Mum and Dad to a picnic Stevie and Hosie style, which on this occasion was a big box of seasoned sushi rice with avocado and tinned tuna.  Success!  Daddy F eating rice… and I thought flying half way round the world was a tall ask! 😉

After that we headed up to the shops and wandered up and down wombling in and out of bookshops.  After doing a lap of the the shops the kids were on a very short lead so we headed home.

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