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It’s beyond repair

Well my Mac died.  There I was importing some photos from my camera when it just froze and refused to wake up.  According to the big, wise, internet, the point in it’s startup routine where it fails means that it’s the motherboard that has gone.  It’s an old machine and repair is probably cost prohibitive.

And there’s so much to share.  Once again we had a little hiatus after a busy blogging November as things got somewhat hectic running up to Christmas.  Now I feel like my hands are tied.  Blogging for me is all about photos and videos to go with the words.  Obviously I could technically edit my photos on a windows machine – this one we bought for Josie’s work is no slouch.  But I want to keep her machine as clean for work as possible.  And I’m used to using the Mac and Aperture and iMovie now.  It all just works…  except when it fails completely 😦

So it’s appalling timing so soon after Christmas, but I’ll have to try and replace it in a cost effective way.  Hopefully soon – the backlog of video and photos is growing!

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