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Lucy’s Birthday

It seems barely possible that our little Lucy, our little baby is already three years old!  I took the day off so that we could all celebrate together.  We started the day with presents in bed.  Lucy certainly has the hang of opening presents.  Once again we had some lovely things sent to us from people back in the UK.  Lovely lovely people!

After breakfast we played with the new toys and then headed out to met some friends at a great cafe we used to go to a lot.  It’s got fantastic play area and is all fenced in so the kids can belt around as much as they like.

Stopping to get some sushi for lunch we then headed to Climbzone for Lucy’s first taste of authorised, proper, harnessed climbing – as opposed to the standard every day sofa-scaling and table balancing… We really didn’t know what to expect from her but she seemed to really enjoy it!  She wasn’t quite as gung-ho as we thought she’d be; she got to about three meters before floating back down on the automatic belay.

After a good climb we headed home and the kids watched Lucy’s new DVD (Yogi Beer) up until we got Lucy her favourite dinner – Fush and Chups!

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1 Meter Sofa-Wave

It was a normal sort of day, the kids had been playing downstairs for a while nice and quietly, when we heard something.  A clattering and banging coming from the stairs and much two-year-old grunting.  Seconds later Lucy emerged, dressed in a life jacket and dragging her board up the stairs behind her…  apparently Surf’s Up Dude!

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We did a spot of Geocaching the other day.  You most probably know what this is, but just in case you don’t basically you download coordinates for a ‘cache’ (small plastic container in most cases) to your handheld GPS device and then go and find it.  The containers have small little trinkets in them and you can swap something if you want and sign a book to say you found it.  Then you re-hide it and go and find another one.

We had a blast and the kids loved finding the treasure.  We covered some pretty tricky terrain and they all did amazingly.  Highly recommended 🙂

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