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Well over in NZ, quite a lot actually – all cheese is terrifyingly expensive so Wensleydale has been off the menu along with all other yummy fromage. Fortunately I have a friend who is a chef and is a dab-hand at making a Greek cheese called Lebnah. So we’ve been making some especially for our Christmas feast and it even looks like cheese ūüôā


Labneh Recipe:

1kg Greek Yoghurt

2 tsp Salt

Garlic to taste (try 2 cloves)

fresh chopped basil and thyme to taste (try a small handful to start)

Mix it all in a bowl

Place a muslin cloth over a collander and place the collander on a bowl so that there is room for liquid to drip out without the bottom of the collander sitting in it.

Pour the mixture onto the muslin in the collander

Refrigerate for two days.

Tighten the top of the muslin every frew hours as the whey drips out and the cheese firms up.


Hey presto! ¬†All done – and it’s yummy scrummy.

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Flipping car! We’ve been having problems with our car. The battery was on its last legs and I was becoming a regular jump-starter (“Josie Jump is my name…..” Balamory stylie). Anyway, today, struggling in 25 degrees, with over 60% humidity, and sticky, sweaty kids, was earmarked for the final pre-Christmas grocery shop. I wasn’t looking forward to it and nor were the kids.

To avoid getting going, I had decided to clear out the boot a bit as there was a HUGE amount of sand and assorted beach¬†paraphernalia spilling out every time I opened the boot. Job done, I left the boot open and that little interior light stayed on for a whole 20 minutes. It drained the battery and I was stuffed. Thankfully my running buddy came and rescued me via the NZ equivalent of Halfords, called Repco, and fitted the new battery which cost a surprisingly enormous $201. Hooray, Cindermummy COULD go to the supermarket……

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Coo-ey Only Me!

Sorry we have really been jolly busy over the last 10 days with a full-on social life for once!!

We’ve hosted a couple of parties ¬†at ours; Steve has had a work Christmas party and a couple of team lunches; I’ve been into town with my girlfriends on a mummy night out; Steve and I went out for grown-up drinks complete with little black dress (well that was me anyway); Father Christmas keeps popping up out of nowhere; and, Emily had several parties and end-of-year do’s to attend. Thankfully we are slowing down now as Christmas approaches and I think Steve and I are starting an early detox.

We’ve also been keeping fit though with swims, runs, gym sessions etc. But best of all was Emily’s first running event – the Albany Lakes 2km kids dash. We’ll post some pics soon of here with her own running bib and timer on. I must admit to having had to drag her round the last bit as she whimpered about not wanting to do it any more but, in true Em-style, her delight and self-pride at running under the finish arch was simply joyous. We went running today again and I think I am finally getting her to understand that practice makes perfect. It is fascinating to watch her struggle with over-coming a massive desire to give up versus her in-built determination. She doesn’t seem to respond to bribery in any form, nor does she want to win, she just wants to do it right. Steve and I have truly poisoned her with our perfectionist streaks!

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New Bed

Well, I’m not quite sure what possessed us, but in the space of no time at all, we’ve managed to buy a bed, disassemble Lucy’s cot and assemble the new bed in its place.

It’s a lovely bed. ¬†We got it off TradeMe which is the NZ ‘Ebay’ in case you didn’t know. ¬†We bid on it, but lost and then got offered it at a reduced price. ¬†For $180 including delivery (bed was $160) we’ve got a solid mahogany single bed, and it’s really nice. ¬†It’s considerably cheaper than the one we bought for Emily (although it is a little smaller) and Lucy seems stoked with it!

So I put her in the bed this evening and we read a book. ¬†I tucked her in and she stayed there… ¬†Ok, so I turned the light out and closed the door then put my ear to the door. ¬†All quiet.

Too good to be true…

A little later ¬†I decide to take a peep. ¬†She’s not making a sound and I have no reason to suspect she’s doing anything wrong, but I just can’t help myself. ¬†She’s wide awake and I get a very pleased and happy ‘Hello Daddy!’ – but she’s still in bed. ¬†However, there are two books in bed with her. ¬†Hmmm.

I try again a while later and this time she’s still in bed, she’s still awake, but there are a few more books, her dressing gown and big buzzy bee in bed with her. ¬†And there’s some stuff on the floor. ¬†Clever girl.

Two more times I check before she’s asleep and each time she’s as quiet as a mouse, no hint of a noise, but somehow there are just a few more toys on the floor and a bit more disruption in the room. ¬†I don’t know how she’s doing it.

I’m still treating this as a win though because she didn’t open the door and come out of her room. ¬†She seemed genuinely excited about being in her own bed and the next test is in the morning to see if she stays there when she wakes up!

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ADRA Run and Santa Parade

More photos!

These are from last Sunday (28th Nov) when we got up early and went to Mission Bay for the ADRA Run Event. ¬†Josie entered the 5km race and won her age group! ¬†How about that then boys and girls…

After the race we got a fantastic brunch in town (so fantastic we just ate it and didn’t take any photos) and then went to get a spot for this year’s Santa Parade. ¬†Boy it was a scorcher. ¬†We were very glad we had a big bottle of SPF50 to hand.

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Ok time to catch-up on some photos.  Been very bad with the old snaps recently.  This was November:

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