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Oh dear…

Apparently my brain is sufficiently addled that I’m posting the same thing twice… it was a good tv programme though!

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All consuming

We can’t flick past any travel programme on the telly at the moment without checking to see if it is about our new home.  We struck gold yesterday morning with a cheap travel channel offering that turned out to be entertaining and lovely photography all across both the north and south islands.  The presenters stayed in a wacky motel where the rooms are old vehicles including an old aeroplane!  Have a look! http://www.woodlynpark.co.nz/accommodation.html

One of my birthday presents was to lob myself off the tallest structure in the New Zealand – the Sky Tower. 


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Roller Coaster

The nerves are kicking in now and we’re facing increasingly excessive mood swings from negative and positive.  Some very wise people are helping us to keep facing the right direction by reminding us what an amazing adventure we’ll have.

We’ve just finished watching a telly box program about New Zealand and there were lots of things that we’re excited about.  Particularly the hotel at Waitomo where the rooms consist of old vehicles including a train carriage, world war 2 plane, and assault boat!  The Milford Sound trek looks amazing as well, although probably not something we’ll be able to do with the girls…

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Exotic Holidays

Scarborough – Land of the slopey cliff train.  Three of them!  Or two – I think one’s broken.  Those Victorians were lazy buggers.

So we’re just back from a very welcome break in Scarborough.  A Fitzhugh family collective with Mum and Dad, all their offspring, partners and kids.  We did loads of things.  Spent time on the beach, looked around a few towns and did lots of eating.  The culinary highlights included Fish and Chips at the Magpie Cafe, smoked kippers for breakfast, fabulous curry, donuts, ice creams and all sorts of other lovely stuff.

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So the sign went up today.  The house is officially on the books of a local letting agency and they are marketing it to be available just after we leave.  Hopefully we can get someone in immediately to start covering the mortgage straight away.  If you want to have a look at wht they’ve written about our lovely pad it’s here: http://www.lettersofdistinction.co.uk/properties-to-let/component/option,com_cmsrealty/Itemid,24/action,listingview/listingID,453/cmsrealty,user/

I’m also trying to talk to a different sort of agency – employment agencies.  This is the first major experience we’ve had of the time difference.  I have to phone people after 9pm at night to catch them at the start of their day.  By the time I’ve written emails and searched for jobs it can be midnight and my typing starts to go a bit wonky by then.

It was actually a little sad to see the To Let sign go up today.  It’s another very visible step along the road which is paved with conflicting emotions.   We alternate wildly between hapiness, sadness and bemusement but so far always landing back on pure conviction that we’re doing the right thing and we have to see it through now.

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Forget the gym.  If you want a workout, do some humping.  One of the last house prep jobs was to get a load of gravel delivered and spread around various parts of the garden.  Three tons and a few hours of humping gravel around later and we are both very stiff and achey!   You wouldn’t believe how big a pile of three tons of gravel is… it looked like the Matterhorn had landed on our drive and it all had to be gone before the agent comes round to take the marketing photos.

Oh yes, 58 days to go…

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60 Days!

The wall chart says 60 days.  60 days.  That’s how long it is until we all get on a 747 at Heathrow.  The 747 will taxi out to the runway, accelerate to take off speed and as the airflow over the wings generates enough lift we will be on our way to Auckland, New Zealand.

When we land in Auckland, thanks to a simple blue sticker in our passports (that was far from simple to get stuck there) we will travel through the residents channel and after that stamp hits our visa we will be officially residents of New Zealand.

That’s 60 days away (it takes a day to get there of course) and there’s a lot to do.  If you are interested and if you can stand it we’ll share progress and thoughts on these pages.

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