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This weekend will be one of our 5 free weekends before we go.  That means ticking off as many jobs as we can.  The lists are endless and huge!  So what’s on the cards?  Cutting, screwing, painting, filling… all sorts.  Trying to fit all this getting ready in around an increasingly busy time at work could well send me over the edge.  Luckily I have a lovely wifey holding onto my trousers to stop me toppling.

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Got a sitter!

We’ve finally made a decision about letting agents – it feels like entrusting your child to someone! Still, that’s a job done and one off the list.

We have a patented Fitzhugh Three Point Plan to help us cope with the next 77 days: 1) simplify 2) delegate and, 3) “oh can’t think of one, let’s make up something quickly otherwise it won’t be a three point plan….got it, pre-prepare” says Stevie, “is that a proper phrase?” says Josie etc etc. Anyway, should keep us sane!

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